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The exam aims to encourage the homeopaths to learn the homoeopathy in every aspect and inspire them to excel in the field.  For the same purpose, we started the lippe award in the year 2014 which is now the most prestigious award in the field of homoeopathy.

For the preparation of the examination, following are the list of books which one may refer to. The below list is an only indication and not the whole syllabus. These are indicative of the questions.

Organon of medicine– by Samuel Hahnemann

  • Lotus Materia Medica Robin Murphy
  • Portraits of homeopathic medicines – Catherine r coulter volume- 1&2
  • More magic of the minimum dose – Dorothy shepherd
  • Case Analysis and Prescribing Techniques – Robin Murphy
  • Materia Medica Viva – George vithoulkas Vol. 1 – Vol. 12
  • Talks on classical homoeopathy Materia Medica – George vithoulkas
  • Leaders in Homoeopathic therapeutics – E.B. Nash
  • Psychiatric teachings by – Andrae Saine
  • Theory of chronic disease by Samuel Hahnemann
  • Lesser writings – J T Kent
  • Best of Burnett – compiles by H L Chitkara
  • Keynotes and Redline symptoms of Materia Medica – Adolph lippe
  • Textbook of Materia Medica – Adolph lippe
  • Allen’s keynotes – H.C. Allen
  • The essence of Homoeopathic material medica – George vithoulkas
  • Lectures on homoeopathic material medica – J. T. Kent
  • Classical Materia Medica – E. A Farrington