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what is Lippe Award ?

It’s a homeopathic excellence award given to homeopaths. If they succeed in Lippe Award Contest. This Contest is held on yearly basis by Bamra Arogya Trust The Lippe Award is named after famous homeopathic leagend of 19th Century Adolph Lippe.

what is Lippe Award Contest or Examination ?

This is an yearly examination where one question paper is organised each year .in this question paper there are two sections is of MateriaMedica& other section is of case solving in 2nd part the participant has to solve the cases of old masters or published cases.

Who can appear in the Exam ?

Any homeopath or homeopathic Student below the age of 35 years

Having degree (BHMS / DHMS / MD) necessary ?

No any person who claimsto be a homeopath can take part in the contest by registering.

what is the Registration Process ?

Click on registration form on www.lippeaward.bamrahomeopathy.com

What documents are required to register?

If you are a student & giving the exam in your college then student ID is compulsory. Personal ID Proof is also required for age.

What is the syllabus?

When the results are declared?

Most probably by first or second week of march.

Do I get to know my marks?

No, Only merit list is published.

How can I contact the trust?

Write an email to us on : lippeaward@bamrahomeopathy.com  For any further query.

How many times I can give the exam?

There is no limitation to number of attempts for lippe award. One can appear in the examination till the age of 35 years.

How many prizes are there?

3 prizes are fixed for each year. First prize of Rs 1 Lac which is popularly known as LIPPE AWARD

And 2 merit prizes of 25 thousand each.

Along with this every year there are 10-20 consolation prizes which varies every year. For full details click here –

Can I select my exam centre?

Yes, you can request the choice of the center. Inform us through email for center choice. We always try to alott the nearest exam center possible of your choice. But it mostly depends upon the center’s capacity. So there is no 100% guarantee.

Can I change my exam center after allotment?

No, That is not allowed.

Is any revaluation of the paper possible?

No there is no such clause where we can revaluate the exam papers.

Can my college become my exam center?

Yes ,If your college students are interested to organise the exam In your college only , you can contact college management or principal and request them to create a centre in the college only. But the condition for that is minimum 100 students should give the exam from that particular centre. Only if we get 100 participants from one location, then exam centre can be created.

What is the centre prize?

Every centre’s highest performer (with minimum criteria of 50% marks ) gets the prize which is known as centre prize.

Where is the award ceremony organised?

Gurugram, Haryana.

Can I attend the ceremony?

Yes , all the participants are allowed to attend the ceremony.